Garbage Human

SJWs have always been good with coming up with retarded, weak insults like "shitlord", "deplorable", and "cisgender scum." Anita Sarkeesian, best known for being a moneygrubbing ignorant cunt and looking like an uglier version of the Wicked Witch of the West, recently tried to bully longwinded YouTube faggot Sargon of Akkad by calling him a "garbage human" in front of a massive crowd of people. Apparently all it takes to be a garbage human is to disagree with Anita's nonsense or to call her out as the cash-seeking bullshit artist that she is. Well, here at Forbidden Duds, we say: embrace it. If they're going to hate you for a dumb reason, you can at least shove it in their faces. There's no shame in being called a "garbage human", especially if someone like Anita is calling you one.

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